Audio/Video Equipment

All A/V equipment listed is complimentary and offered to those hosting an event at St. Andrew.

TV Carts

-All carts feature either 65” or 55” screens.


-All carts come with a built in DVD player.


-All carts feature an extra HDMI connection for connecting a laptop or other device.

Projector Cart


-The projector cart features a projector and 120” screen.


-The cart features a HDMI input for connecting laptops or other devices.


-The projector cart DOES NOT have a built-in speaker for audio and must therefore be accompanied by an audio cart if sound playback is required.


-The projector cart is only available for use in Fellowship Hall or large adjoining classrooms.

Audio Carts


-All carts feature a portable speaker and one wireless microphone.


-Additional connections include: XLR and ¼” combo jacks (for microphone or instruments), 1/8” (3.5mm) stereo input for devices with a headphone output, and wireless Bluetooth audio for pairing with any computer or mobile device.

Additional Resources

CD Player:

When CD playback is required, this player can be paired with an audio cart.


Laptop Computer:

All presenters are encouraged to bring their own computer or tablet to playback their presentation through TV carts/Projector cart.  When not possible, a 15” Laptop can be reserved.



The following are available upon request during the reservation or from the facility staff during the event (pending availability):

-Wired Microphone (to add 2nd mic functionality to audio cart).

-USB Presentation Clicker


We do have a variety of adaptors and cable extensions available if needed, however we encourage you to bring your own as we do not guarantee availability through reservation.

Reserving an A/V Tech

-All Fees are based on AV tech on-site time (preparation time will be added to event start)

-Speaking events require 30 minutes of prep time prior to event start time.

-Musical events require one hour of prep time prior to event start time.

-Additional setup/rehearsal time may be requested during the booking process.

-Events exceeding reserved “end time” by more than 30 minutes will be billed at $50/hour for additional time.

-While we understand that in cases such as memorial services, advance notice may not be possible, we request you finalize your equipment & tech needs 14 days in advance whenever feasible so that we can ensure the availability of necessary AV equipment & personnel. We may not be able to honor requests made with less than 14 days notice.

A/V Tech Pricing

1-4 Hour Event                              $150

Hours over 4 (Max of 8)*            $25/hour

Memorials (under 4 hours)        $75

*Fees/Availability for events requiring more than 8 hours of technician time to be arranged directly with A/V department.

Payments should be made directly to St Andrew UMC.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want to show a Power Point presentation or browse the web on a cart?

We recommend bringing your own computer or tablet with an HDMI connection to display any materials that cannot be played through the included DVD player.  While St. Andrew does have a laptop that may be reserved, it may not always be available due to high demand.  It is also always better to operate a machine you are familiar with should an issue arise.

What if I don’t know what kind of connection my computer has?

Every computer will have an information area that lists all available connections on your machine.  It may also be helpful to consult with a computer retailer (Best Buy/Geek Squad) to understand what output options are available on your computer.  They will also be able to help with selecting an adaptor.

What if I have a VGA output on my computer?

We recommend purchasing the necessary adaptor for your computer to allow native HDMI output.

How will I know if I need an audio cart for my event?

We recommend using audio carts only in large adjoining classrooms or Fellowship Hall.  Due to the size of most classrooms, an audio cart is not necessary.

What if I need more than one microphone for my event (i.e. crowd Q&A)?

We offer an additional wired microphone that can be paired with an audio cart.  The wired microphone can be used by the presenter while the wireless microphone can more easily be passed throughout the room.

What if I want to test out a piece of equipment before my event?

Please ask the front office/reservations staff to reserve the equipment at a time that is convenient for you to come to St. Andrew to test.  If considering a TV cart, there is no need to request the same TV cart that is reserved for your event as all TV carts are identical in their design.

What do I do if I need help while onsite at St. Andrew UMC?

Please contact a facilities crew member for help with equipment or requesting additional accessories.



Please email Nicole Brummer to reserve equipment or personnel for your event.


Please email Kellen Berrigan if you have technical questions that are not covered online.