Intentional Groups

Meet with others who are in similar life stages or share identities with you.

Women   Men   Non-Binary & Queer   Young Adult Senior Adults  Kids Youth Music Art Support Groups


Fun Groups

Social groups that meet to hangout and have fun.

 Wednesday Beers Music & Arts Biking Dinner with Friends


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Studies & Justice Small Groups

Several ongoing studies classes meet together as Life Groups throughout the year to learn and connect.

Studies   Social Justice

 “Today, when there is a knock on our door, it could be a neighbor with her garden harvest, it could be a young child wanting to play with our dog, or it could be a resident from the assisted living home down the street. This wasn’t the case a year ago. Seldom did anyone knock on our door. After participating in the book study, The Art of Neighboring, we became intentional about knowing our neighbors on a deeper level. People long for community and it makes sense to start caring for those who are closest to home. It is exciting to see how relationships have grown in the past year.” – Kathleen Riley