Intentional Groups

Women at St. Andrew Blue

St. Andrew Women are diverse in their journeys, but we acknowledge we are better together. ​ We embrace all people, all ages, from all walks of life.

men blue on white

The purpose of this ministry is to support, nurture, and challenge the men of St. Andrew
through various programs. We embrace all people, all ages, from all walks of life, ​ who agree that we are better together! ​ 

LGBTQIA+ Blue on white

A group for LGBTQIA+ people at St. Andrew.

SAGES logo white on blue

St. Andrew God Engaged Seniors

SAGES is an active, friendly, welcoming group of senior adults encouraging each other to stay healthy in body, mind and spirit.  

Join us for:  

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Support Groups

Your church family is here when you need it most.

St. Andrew Congregational Care Ministry offers opportunities for hope and healing. This community helps to decrease a sense of isolation, while giving people coping skills and a sense of comfort, hopefulness, strength and inspiration.

Social Groups

Meet with others who are in similar life stages or share identities with you.

Educational Groups

Learn about social topics that impact our community and the people around us.