The Broken (3/25/18)  /  Watch

The Emptied (3/18/18)  /  Watch

The Accepted (3/11/18)  /  Watch

The Wholehearted (3/4/18)  /  Watch

The Unencumbered (2/25/18)  /  Watch

The Beloved (2/18/18)  /  Watch

Faith is not a destination, but a pilgrimage — a journey of turning and returning, of letting go and taking up, of losing and finding, of undoing and becoming.

Only by leaving home do we find our home.
Only by losing ourselves do we find ourselves.
Only by dying to our old ways do we ascend to new heights.

Along the way, we discover that we are far worthier than our greatest achievements, far stronger than our weakness, and far braver than our biggest fears.

Join us for our new series, “Ascend,” as together we climb the holy mountain of God, in search of the home we long for.