Down to Earth

The Divine Incarnation

Peace, justice, joy, wonder—these are not just God’s heavenly aspirations for creation; they are God’s enfleshed vision for creation, embodied in a man from Nazareth named Jesus.  For two thousand years, Christians have turned to the concept of “Incarnation” (from the Latin word for “in the flesh”) to describe the inexplicable mystery of how Jesus Christ is both fully human and fully divine. 

Jesus not only talks about God, or speaks for God; Jesus is God. 
God is no longer up there, or out there, but right here, right now. 

In Jesus, God’s peace, justice, joy and wonder come to earth, come to life, and walk among us. 
If you want to meet Jesus, go to those places in the world where peace, justice, joy and wonder prevail, and you’ll find him there. 
If you want to follow Jesus, become like him: embody them in your own flesh, until they prevail in you.