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Current Sermon Series

Radical Cover Art

They accused Jesus of being a radical.  His message was too subversive, his influence too dangerous, his ideas just too extreme.  This radical must be stopped, they said, before he changes everything.

They were right.  Jesus really was a radical.  But he wasn’t a dangerous extremist.  He was simply calling people back to the roots of their faith.

The word radical comes from the Latin, radix, meaning roots.  To be a radical isn’t to wander off to the extreme edges, but to return to the roots or the source of one’s beliefs.

Jesus was a radical who believed that by returning to the source—to God—we could actually change the world.  

In this series, we’ll explore some of Jesus’ most radical parables that return us to our roots—back to the source—and offer us a blueprint for how to radically transform the world around us.

Jul 30: The Mustard Seed • Matthew 13:31-32

August 6: The Weeds • Matthew 13:24-30

August 13:  The Yeast • Matthew 13:33

August 20: The Hidden Treasure • Matthew 13:44

August 27: The Pearl • Matthew 13:45-46

September 3: The Lost Sheep • Matthew 18:10-14

Past Sermon Series

Blessed Are They

Jesus taught about an utterly different way of relating to the world as we know it—a way that turns the values and priorities of his followers upside-down and inside-out.  In his best-known teaching, the Sermon on the Mount, he lays out a blueprint for embracing a new way of life that overturns conventional wisdom, traditional power structures, and our personal assumptions about what a “blessed” life looks like, offering a radical plan for an alternative way of being.

The Poor in Spirit • June 4

Those Who Mourn • June 11

The Meek • June 18

The Pure in Heart • June 25

The Merciful •  July 2

Those Who Hunger • July 9

Those Who Are Persecuted • July 16

The Peacemakers • July 23