“Oh, that you would rend the heavens and come down, that the mountains would tremble before you,” cried the Prophet Isaiah

– Isaiah 64

To be human is to look at our broken, warring world and wonder if we are all alone, if help will ever come, if we can hope for a future in which love reigns and life triumphs and peace prevails on earth. 

Our timeless quest for such a world has sent us on pilgrimages to mountain sages and desert monks in search of divine wisdom, to sacred spaces and thin places in search of revelations and epiphanies, and even to the furthest reaches of the universe in search of our earliest origins and our ultimate destiny.

Yet, after all our yearning and seeking, we still haven’t found what we’re looking and longing for.  That’s because, in the end, despite all our searching, it’s not we who find God, but God who finds us. 

At Christmas, love finally comes down—to kindle our faith, to comfort our pain, to consecrate our lives, to call us by name and sanctify our hearts and minds for the healing and redemption of a broken world.

This is the mystery of the Incarnation at Christmas.  This is the end of all our searching.  The God we’ve been longing for is the God who has been longing for us all along.  In Christ, love comes down at last, God is with us, and even the mountains tremble at the wonders God will show us.