We long to belong.  We crave unity.  We yearn to be loved and accepted by others.  

But we live in one of the most divided, divisive, and polarized generations in American history.   

Paul’s letter to the Ephesians is about uniting all things in Christ.  Here we learn how to break down what separates us from God, one ethnic group from another, neighbors from strangers, friends from enemies.  Here we find a vision of the new society God has planned for us, and a new way of living that makes plenty of room for love, respect, and acceptance of all God’s people.

Join us this summer as we walk through Paul’s letter to the Ephesians and discover the unity and belonging that comes from knowing Christ. 

One Struggle (7/15/18)  /  Watch

One Purpose (7/8/18)  /  Watch

One Love (7/1/18)  /  Watch

One Faith (6/24/18)  /  Watch

One Body (6/17/18)  /  Watch

One Plan (6/3/18)  /  Watch