To be human is to be always on the move.  Movement is not a bad thing.  If we’re moving, we’re living.  But constant movement is exhausting—physical, emotionally, and spiritually.

It can also be paralyzing.  We can feel stuck or caught because, even as we’re moving all over the place, there’s no direction or meaning behind our movement.  We know we’re moving, but we wonder if we’re really getting anywhere.

God says, “Be still and know.”

In this nine-part, summer-long sermon series, we’ll focus simply on stopping, slowing down, and listening deeply, so there can be lasting change.

Spiritual Friendship (8/13/17)

Scripture (8/6/17)

Hope Overflowing (7/30/17)

Telling Time (7/23/17)

Standing Still (7/16/17) 

The Still Small Voice (7/9/17)

Solitude (7/2/17)

Finding Refuge (6/25/17)

Laughter (6/18/17)