The Joyous Mysteries


The Dream: Faithfulness (12/17/17)

The Visitation: Justice (12/10/17)

The Annunciation: Fearlessness (12/03/17)

The season of Advent comes as a gift in the midst of Christmas chaos. While the world around us is consumed by stress, shopping lists and traffic jams, Advent keeps us grounded in the story of how God has come to us in hidden, quiet, surprising ways. During these four weeks, we re-enter the drama of the world’s lowly and poor being lifted up, of ordinary people rising to extraordinary measures, of startling dreams and audacious promises. Advent reminds us that, behind all the noble firs and fruitcakes and blinking lights of the season, God is deeply engaged in the world in subversive, even scandalous ways.

Our “Joyous Mysteries” series will take us on a journey into the lives of three people who were visited by God in dreams and visions—unlikely, forgotten, fragile people whom God chose and entrusted with the task of smuggling the Christ child into the world.
Why did God choose these particular characters?
How would they respond to the challenge?
What would they do when God called their number?

In place of our normal Fourth Sunday of Advent service,
we are offering a “DIY” Liturgy for small groups, families and individuals.

Download Advent Liturgy