un sermon series



A Series For Doubters and Skeptics

Unfound: The Gift of Getting Lost (2/11/18)

Unadorned: The Gift of Imperfection (2/4/18)

Un-won: The Gift of Brokenness (1/28/18)

Unlovely: The Gift of Friends in Low Places (1/21/18)

Unseen: The Gift of Unknowing (1/14/18)

You don’t need to be a saint or spiritual master to find God.  You don’t need to have all the answers to find honest faith.  You need only to wander bravely into the unknown, into uncertainty, where you can probe and question freely.  When you give yourself permission to doubt, when you dare to ask difficult questions, you find unexpected gifts hidden along the trail.

This series is for anyone who feels awkward or unsettled in their search for God, anyone who seeks to find holiness amid their holy mess, and anyone who prefers practicality to piety when it comes to finding their place in this world.