Q & A

How does it work?
Send a text message to the number 28950.

If this is the first time you have given via text, you will receive a text response with a link to a page where you will register your information.  Follow the link, fill in your name, address, email address, and debit or credit card information and you are done! This one-time registration is required to complete the donation.  When the registration is complete, you will receive a receipt for your gift via text message.

Any time you want to give after your initial registration, all you have to do is send a text message to 28950 and select the amount you wish to give. Your card will automatically be charged, and you will receive a text message receipt for your gift. Message and data rates may apply

Which kind of debit or credit card can I use?
Visa, MasterCard, or Discover

Is the amount added to the phone bill?
No, the amount is not added to your phone bill, but it is charged to your debit or credit card, the card you registered with during your one time registration process.

How secure is this?
This solution is PCI Security Certified, and there is no data whatsoever stored on your phone. PCI is the industry security standard for credit and debit card statements, and includes a rigorous periodic security testing and audit of the entire system. For more information, click here.

Is my bank card information stored?
This is one of the safest ways to give. Your bank card information is entered directly to the payment processor behind their firewalls. To maintain the highest level of security, only the payment processor has access to your bank card information. All communication between all parties involved in the mobileAxept solution is carried out over secure lines of communication. All communication between mobileAxept and external actors is encrypted with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) / Transport Layer Security (TLS). This is a cryptographic protocol for secure exchange of information over the Internet. Bluefin is Level 1 PCI Security Compliant.

Is my personal information safe?
Your personal information is kept secure and only accessible by St. Andrew UMC and mobileAxept.  mobileAxept prohibits any direct or indirect solicitation, including adverting or publicity.

Why was my gift declined?
If you did not receive a reason for the decline within the text message received, please contact your banking institution.  Due to certain bank policies your bank may decline the transaction for different reasons. Financial institutions have different policies regarding suspicious or fraudulent activity; for example, if you have sent multiple transactions in a row, or transactions that follows a different pattern than your prior history.

If you follow the link provided with the decline message, your donation will be attempted again automatically.

What is the maximum amount I can give?
You can give any amount you wish. The maximum limit depends on how much your bank will allow you to charge to your card.  You may give full dollar amounts ($25) or dollars and cents ($25.25)

Will I be charged per text message?
The cost of sending and receiving the text message is determined by your cell phone provider. It normally is the same as sending a text message to a friend.

Why does my bank account show a charge for $1?
When a person first registers for Give by Text, we run what’s called a $0 authorization to check that the card details are ok.  Some banks and credit card institutions interpret this as a $1 authorization.  This is only a temporary pending charge and the charge will be either dropped or reversed back into the respective accounts within a day or two.  Because this is a pending authorization charge you will not receive an additional confirmation text.  You will only receive a text receipt for the actual gift amount you entered.

What are the requirements?
The system works with any mobile phone with SMS or texting capability.  Also, Premium SMS or short code numbers must not be blocked on your plan.  If you text in your donation and do not receive a text message back, your plan may be blocked from receiving Premium SMS or texts from Short Code numbers.  If this occurs, please contact your provider and request that they enable Premium SMS messaging on the phone number(s) from which you will be giving.

To be able to do the initial registration on your phone, you will need to have internet access on your phone. If your phone can do text messaging, but does not have internet access, you can still use your phone to give, but the initial registration needs to be done on a web browser, either on a personal computer or on another device with a browser. Please click here for web registration. There is no software or app that needs to be installed on your phone.

Do I need a smartphone?
Any phone that is capable of sending and receiving text messages can be used.  To register the first time, you may do so on your phone, if your phone has a web browser, or you can register the first time on your computer by clicking here.

Is the donation tax deductible?
As with all donations to St. Andrew UMC, donations are deductible as allowed by IRS 501(c) 3 rules.

What kind of receipt will I receive?
You will receive a receipt via text message. Donations made via text messages will also be included on the contribution statement that you normally receive from St. Andrew UMC.

Does it work internationally?
Yes.  If you have a US number and you are abroad, your text should go through just fine – depending on your cell phone provider’s terms and policies.

Once I have donated, can I undo it?
Donations are not refundable through mobileAxept, but if you made a mistake by texting the wrong amount and need to undo the donation, send HELP to 28950 and call the toll free number you receive, 1-888-500-1997.

I have texted my donation and nothing happens. What do I do?
If you text in your donation and do not receive a text message back, your plan may be blocked to receive Premium SMS or short code numbers.  If this occurs, please contact your provider and request that they enable Premium SMS messaging on the phone number(s) in which you will be using to give.

If you do not receive a text response right away, do not send a new text; that may duplicate the charge. If you do not receive a text response in a reasonable amount of time and you feel you have waited too long, text HELP to 28950 and you will receive a text message with a toll free number to call, 1-888-500-1997.

How can I unregister or unsubscribe?
Simply text STOP to 28950. You will then receive an acknowledgment that you have unregistered.

How do I change my personal contact information or my Credit or Debit Card Information?
Simply text STOP to 28950. You will then receive an acknowledgement that you have unregistered.  After you received this acknowledgement you will then need to register as a first time user again.  At this time, text in the keyword, a space, and the amount you wish to give and you will be prompted to enter your registration information which is when you will make any changes or corrections to your personal information and/or credit or debit card.

Can I send prayer requests or other inquiries through this system?
No. This is an automated system designed for donations and purchases only.

Can I give to multiple organizations other than St. Andrew UMC?
Yes.  You may give to another church or ministry outside of St. Andrew UMC that uses the same Give by Text services.  How do I know if they do?  You will note that you will be asked to text in to the same number 28950 but their keyword will be different.  However, the first time you give to another church or ministry outside of St. Andrew UMC you will have to complete the registration process for that church or ministry, also.  After the one time registration for that church or ministry, you will not be required to do so again.

Is there a phone number or an email address that I can utilize if I need further assistance?
Yes, you can dial the toll free number (888) 500-1997 for information and assistance.  You may also send an email to support@mobileaxept.com with your questions or requests.

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