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Current Exhibition

Fling the Paint Gallery

May 3–June 12


Sunday, May 5 • 10 am–12 pm

Using mediums such as oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastels, and gouache, “Fling the Paint” is a small group of artists that meet monthly to paint indoors but will spontaneously go outside to create their pieces. Their work mostly involves landscapes and florals, but they often include still lifes, which will all be displayed at the upcoming exhibit. Some artwork will be available for purchase.

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Upcoming Exhibitions

Park Hill Art Club

June 14–July 24


Sunday, June16 • 10 am–12 pm

The Park Hill Art Club has its roots in the Park Hill Neighborhood of Denver, but has grown to include artists from all over the greater Denver Metro area, and includes members ranging from beginning artists to seasoned professionals. Celebrating a milestone 50th anniversary this year, the club is dedicated to creating a friendly, collaborative community for Denver area artists by offering affordable art education, opportunities to share expertise and resources, and events for artists to show and sell their work. Currently, the club offers a weekly open studio at the Art Gym in Denver, and monthly workshops or classes at either the Art Gym or more recently Refresh Studios, also in Denver. The popular summer Plein Air group will begin regular outings in June.

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Art Groups

Yarn for Others:   Meets First & Third Friday of each month at 10 am – 12 pm

We are a group of knitters and crocheters who make and donate afghans, lapghans, scarves and other items to those who need comfort.

Art Communities: Would you like to connect with others who share your passion for Painting, Pottery, Jewelry, Photography, or Woodworking?

Piece Makers: Meets Second & Fourth Thursday of each month at 6–8:30 pm 

This ongoing group enjoys coming together to practice knitting and to make items for people in need. Finished items are donated to Knitting 4 Peace, an outreach organization that delivers handmade items to women, men, and children in local and global areas of conflict. No registration required.

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