Through adult education, social justice classes, and intentional book groups, continue your life-long spiritual growth.

Featured Classes

Explore exciting new classes and opportunities.

Open & Relational Theology: God After Deconstruction

April 13–14 • 7 pm on Friday through 5 pm on Saturday

Tripp Fuller and Thomas Jay Oord describe the realities of deconstruction. Many are walking away from church and/or God… for good reasons. The old ways of thinking make little sense.

This conference proposes better ways to think about God. A sensible view is possible after deconstructing the irrational and harmful views so many are offered.

Fuller and Oord are joined by thought leaders such as Tim Burnette, Kathy Escobar, Mark Feldmeir, and Nichole Torbitzky for an exploration of deconstruction and the open, relational, and process God.

Adult Education

Adult Education is an opportunity to grow deeper in faith, learn more about the bible and spiritual connections, build community with one another, and learn about the world around us.


History of St. Andrew

Sundays • July 14 & 21 •  11:45 am – 1 pm

Join Rev. Jerry in person to discover the roots, culture, faith, and history of St. Andrew – starting in the 1960s.

Book Study: Mostly What God Does

Mondays • April 22 – May 13 • 6:30–8 pm

Explore your connection to God and self in a fast-paced seemingly hopeless world. Join Barb Gostenik in this faith exploration.

Earth Keepers: Climate Education

Monthly, Third Sundays • 10:30–11:30 am

Join Earth Keepers every month, with a unique theme and leader, to discuss current events, the climate crisis, and ways to engage.

Earth Keepers: Book Study

Every Monday • 6:30–8 pm

Explore books about the climate crisis and various communities and ideas around solutions. Each book will takes 4–6 weeks before a new book is chosen. Everyone is welcome at any time!

Senior Adults & Legacy

Discover classes and connections for Senior Adults, or engage with Legacy and learn more about various financial and community classes and events.

Senior Adults

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Learn moreEmail

Senior Adults: Prime Time

Friday, April 22 • 11:30 am–1:30 pm

Enjoy a tasty healthy lunch and entertaining program.

Click here to register online or call 303-351-0069

Ongoing Classes and Book Groups

Join in on classes that happen throughout the year and form a deeper connection with a group focused on learning about various topics, Biblical analysis, and more. For more information please email.

Contemporary Issues


Sundays • In-person & Zoom • 10:30–11:30 am

This Adult Sunday School class examines current world issues from a Christian Perspective. Discussions include book reviews, politics, analysis of the Bible, arts, and more. Come at any time for any topic!

Led by Steve B. For the Zoom link, please email.

Pastor’s Scripture Study

Special times throughout the year

Mondays • In-person & Zoom • 1:15 pm

Join Senior Pastor, Rev. Mark, for this weekly class that focuses on the upcoming Sunday sermon passage. Read the text and discuss the context and possible interpretations. Please have a Bible available.

Led by Rev. Mark. For the Zoom link, please email



Wednesdays • In-person & Zoom • 2–3 pm

Each September a new book is chosen to read throughout the year. Newcomers are welcome at any time!

Led by Ron D.

Earth Keepers: Book Group

Social Justice • Year-round

Mondays • In-person & Zoom • 6:30–8 pm

Join Earth Keepers in reading about the climate crisis and climate solutions. Discuss current events and legislation as well as different cultural answers to various ecological issues. New books are picked every few months, but anyone is welcome to join at any time.

Led by Erika T. and Beth O.

Earth Keepers: Climate Conversation


3rd Sundays • In-person • 10:30–11:30 am

Enjoy a monthly study to discuss current events, examine the climate crisis both at St. Andrew, locally, and around the world, as well as actions to engage. Various speakers and topics each month.

Led by Earth Keepers

Sister’s Bible Study


Wednesdays • In-person • 9:30–11 am

Join the ongoing Bible Study group for women. This group reads various books to deepen understanding of God and The Bible.

Led by Rev. Amy

Spiritual Seekers Book Study


1st and 3rd Tuesdays • In-person • 12–1:30 pm

Discuss various books and grow in knowledge and faith. New books are picked every few months, but anyone is welcome to join at any time.

Monday Noon Book Group


Mondays • In-person • 12–1 pm

This is an ongoing book group for women. Reading fiction and non-fiction books throughout the year. Newcomers are welcome at any time!

Led by Rev. Amy

Soul Sisters


2nd and 4th Tuesdays • In-person • 4:30–6 pm

Join a group of women to discuss current events, the weekly sermon, and various books.

Women’s Theological Book Group


Tuesdays • Zoom • 6:30–7:30 pm

Ongoing book group for women ranging in age from 40s’ to 70s’. The group reads books by Christian women theologians and writers.