Current Sermon Series

Out of the Question:
12 Questions Jesus Asked

April 21 – July 7

Some teachers answer questions. Others question the answers. But for Jesus, the answers to some of our biggest problems often came out of the questions he asked us.

While Jesus is generally thought of as giving a lot of answers, he was full of really important questions. According to the Gospels, Jesus asked 307 questions. In contrast, he directly answered only three of the 183 questions he was ever asked.

Jesus asked questions that could be easily answered and questions with no obvious answer. Most often, he answered the questions of others with questions of his own.

In this series, we’ll explore some of the most challenging questions Jesus ever asked—and, along the way, discover that the answers we search for are often revealed in the very questions themselves.

April 21 | Who Is My Mother? Who Are My Brothers?Matthew 12:46–50 | BulletinOrder of Worship

April 28 | Why Do You Worry?Matthew 6:24–32 | BulletinOrder of Worship

May 5 | Why Are You Sleeping?Luke 22:39–46 | BulletinOrder of Worship

May 12 | Do You Know What I Have Done for You? • John 13:1–15 | BulletinOrder of Worship

May 19 | Why Are You Weeping?John 20:1–3, 11–18 | BulletinOrder of Worship

May 26 | Why Don’t You Notice the Log in Your Own Eye? Matthew 7:1–5 | BulletinOrder of Worship