Eagle Valley Campus

Eagle, Colorado
St. Andrew shares a vital and innovative relationship with the United Methodist Church of Eagle Valley. In February of 2023, the two congregations were presented with a unique ministry opportunity. As Eagle Valley needed pastoral leadership after the unexpected departure of its pastor, St. Andrew provided worship liturgies and sermon videos each week. Once a month, a St. Andrew pastor would travel to Eagle Valley to lead worship, preach, administer the sacrament of communion, and provide pastoral care for congregational members.  


In July of 2023, this unique partnership entered a new phase, as Rev. Aaron Strietzel joined the St. Andrew pastoral team was deployed to live and work full-time in Eagle Valley as pastor of the Eagle Valley UMC. Pastor Aaron leads worship each Sunday and, on most Sundays, the congregation continues to utilize St. Andrew’s pre-recorded sermon via video. This relationship with St. Andrew allows Pastor Aaron to invest his time and energies into building relationships, establishing new ministries, and serving the broader Eagle Valley community—all with the goal of creating a more sustainable, vibrant, and enduring United Methodist presence in Eagle Valley. Pastor Aaron’s appointment to St. Andrew allows him to be resourced by the St. Andrew team, to occasionally lead joint online classes for St. Andrew, and to receive mentoring and support from St. Andrew’s Sr. Pastor, Rev. Mark Feldmeir, and St. Andrew’s staff team. 


More information about the United Methodist Church of Eagle Valley can be found on their website at www.umcofeaglevalley.org.  



Eagle Valley Campus:

333 E 2nd St, Eagle, CO 81631

Current Sermon Series

Walks of Faith | September 10 – October 29

Life is either a daring adventure,” said Helen Keller, “or nothing at all.”  The same could be said of faith.  To grow deeper in faith, you must go deeper into the unknown, into vulnerability, and into risk.  Jesus never said, “Come and stay put.”  Instead, he said, “Come and follow me.”  In this sermon series, we’ll look at some of the epic walks of faith in Scripture and learn what it means to join the daring adventure ofjourneying with God.

September 10: Into the Unknown (Genesis 12:1-9)

September 17: Through the Sea (Genesis 14:10-14, 21-29)

September 24: Up and Down the Mountain (Exodus 32:1-4, 7-15, 19-20a)

October 1: Through the Fire (Daniel 3:13-25)

October 8: Out of the Cave (I Kings 19:1-17)

October 15: Across the River (Joshua 3:1, 5, 7-8, 14-17)

October 22: On the Water (Matthew 14:22-36)

October 29: Through the Shadow (Psalm 23) (All Saint’s Remembrance)

Last Sermon Series

Radical | July 30 – September 3

They accused Jesus of being a radical.  His message was too subversive, his influence too dangerous, his ideas just too extreme.  This radical must be stopped, they said, before he changes everything.

They were right.  Jesus really was a radical.  But he wasn’t a dangerous extremist.  He was simply calling people back to the roots of their faith.

The word radical comes from the Latin, radix, meaning roots.  To be a radical isn’t to wander off to the extreme edges, but to return to the roots or the source of one’s beliefs.

Jesus was a radical who believed that by returning to the source—to God—we could actually change the world.  

In this series, we’ll explore some of Jesus’ most radical parables that return us to our roots—back to the source—and offer us a blueprint for how to radically transform the world around us.

July 30: The Mustard Seed • Matthew 13:31-32

August 6: The Weeds • Matthew 13:24-30

August 13:  The Yeast • Matthew 13:33

August 20: The Hidden Treasure • Matthew 13:44

August 27: The Pearl • Matthew 13:45-46

September 3: The Lost Sheep • Matthew 18:10-14

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