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Planning for the future

Leaving a legacy for years to come and planning how you want your assets distributed upon your death are important spiritual matters. A growing number of St. Andrew households are including our Permanent Endowment Fund in their will or estate plan.  By doing so, they are helping to ensure the future of our invaluable ministries, both within our building and beyond. 

If you would like to explore leaving a legacy through St. Andrew, please contact us.

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Here are ways you can help grow St. Andrew’s Permanent Endowment Fund

Bequest through Will or Your Living Trust

Charitable Trusts

Charitable Gift Annuities

Retirement Accounts or Pension Plans

Real Estate

Donor Advised Funds

Gifts of Life Insurance

Gifts of Appreciated Securities

Gifts of Cash

The permanent endowment fund supports St. Andrew’s Ministries now,

while it invests in the future

Outreach: One year’s endowment distribution funded a Colorado Feeding Kids project. Congregants assembled hundreds of meals for families in need. Children who otherwise might have gone hungry were fed and nourished thanks to the funds provided by the Permanent Endowment Fund. 

Child Safety: A safety audit found that our preschoolers were vulnerable to the prying eyes of unauthorized persons peeking in through our Church’s downstairs windows. A distribution by the Permanent Endowment Fund tinted the windows so that, while children and staff may look out, outside intruders cannot see in. 

Transportation: A donor made a generous commitment to the Permanent Endowment Fund but then asked, “What is a current need that I might support?”  St. Andrew needed a new minibus. Buses are critical to our ministry. They bring older adults from retirement communities to Sunday worship, provide transportation for Outreach projects like our annual Big Serve, and enable Youth ministry service trips and activities around Denver and beyond. Our generous donor completed the funding for the acquisition of a new minibus!



We are pleased and blessed to be able to participate in support of the Permanent Endowment Fund of St. Andrew United Methodist Church. We have found this to be a special place where people are nurtured and valued. We have also appreciated the weekly blessing of meaningful worship in the sanctuary. Our association through committees, fellowship groups, Disciple Bible Study, Stephen Ministry Charles Wesley Choir, and so many other areas has been an important part of our lives. The comfort and assurance that we can leave a small token that will live on in perpetuity is a special blessing.

Keith and Lois Jean Gallaway

We are pleased that St. Andrew established a Permanent Endowment Fund through its Legacy Ministry. It gives us and other supporters of St. Andrew’s Vision and Mission the chance to encourage and sustain the transformational works of the church, not only during “our watch” but well beyond. We were attracted by the “feels like home” environment of St. Andrew when we first attended many years ago. Our daughters grew up in this church and thrived in the Children’s and Youth Ministries. The many ministry offerings at St. Andrew have changed over the years but have always inspired us and challenged us to grow spiritually. I recall the scripture phrase: “I will bless you … so that you will be a blessing,” and can think of no better way to embrace its teaching than to leave a portion of our (financial) blessings to the endowment fund. The endowment fund truly allows our -and others- contributions to “keep on giving.”

Woody and Peggy Herring

St. Andrew UMC has been a blessing in our lives in so many ways. We became members in 1982 and throughout the decades this community of faith has walked beside us encouraging, educating, sustaining, challenging, and loving us. St. Andrew has provided a foundation based on biblical knowledge while supporting personal reflection and allowing room for questions. Adult education classes have deepened our understanding of scripture. Mission projects have taught us the importance of being the Church in the world. Our children have been guided by St. Andrew leaders, lay and clergy, who have shown them another perspective to that of the culture of the day. And so much more! So with grateful hearts we are joining with others to ensure that St. Andrew will be able to continue to serve its people and the world for decades to come. How could we do otherwise?

Jim and Alison McCallen

“Larry and I had been considering a gift to the PEF for some time, but what crystalized the need for us to give was the church’s response to Larry’s 94-year-old father, Warren, who became a resident in assisted living and, finally, the nursing home at Wind Crest. Although Warren was a person of deep faith, he was not a member of St. Andrew. Barbara Pomarico, of our Care Team, had already visited Warren and his late wife, Elaine, for many years. Then Dana Cossey from the Care Team and several of the men in the Thursday men’s lunch group began visiting Warren on a regular basis and developed a meaningful relationship with him.  After Warren passed away on August 27, 2015, the men attended his memorial service and were there to help us in any way possible. At that point we realized as never before how important St. Andrew is in the lives of so many people.”

Judy and Larry Mugler