at St. Andrew


Journey with St. Andrew and one another through the 40-day, liturgical season of Lent. Let’s take time together to reflect on our mortality and prepare for the coming of Easter.

Lenten Studies & Classes

Remember: God’s Covenant and Cross

Starts February 14 • Wednesdays • 9:30–11 am

Join Sister’s Bible Study group for women as they explore Susan Robb’s “Remember: God’s Covenant and Cross.” Learn about the basic lessons of the covenants through a mixture of biblical history and personal stories. Understand God’s promises through history and the role of Jesus’ passion and crucifixion in the history of the covenants.

No registration is needed, come as you are.

Pause: Spending Lent with the Psalms

Starts February 20 • Tuesdays • 6:30–8 pm

Pause: Spending Lent with the Psalms invites participants to embrace the spiritual discipline of immersing themselves in and profoundly connecting with one psalm per week throughout Lent and Holy Week. Relate an aspect from each psalm—such as paths, faces, blessings, tables, waiting, thanksgiving, listening, solitude or abandonment, and hands—to their own lives. Must register for Zoom link.


Search the Sacraments: A Class for Kids

Starts February 21 • Wednesdays • 6:30–7:30 pm

Have you ever wondered… Why Christians get baptized? Why we take communion? 

Grades 1–5 are invited to attend our three-week sacraments class to learn all about baptism and communion and why they are an important part of our faith.

Register by email or letting the Kids team know in person.

The Third Day: Living the Resurrection

A Wind Crest Study

Starts February 22 • Thursdays • 10–11:30 am

Cultural Learning Center in Parry Landing at Wind Crest

Tom Berlin uses his gifts of storytelling and understanding the Scriptures to connect the reader to the experiences of several individuals around Jesus in his final days, focusing on new life and redemption rather than loss.

Join Peter, Mary Magdalene, and Thomas as they feel the despair of losing Jesus and the surprise and joy that awaits them in the resurrection. This study traces events around these characters, along with Paul and the disciples at Emmaus, and how the resurrection transforms their lives.

Register by emailing Rev. Barb.

Angela Davis & Racial Justice

Discussion on Sunday, February 25 • 11:30 am

Lent is a perfect time to engage in an examination of conscience and reflect on the paths we could take – as individuals and society – toward justice and anti-racism. Join in a discussion and reading of Angela Davis’ collection of essays and interviews “Freedom is a Constant Struggle.” Davis discusses previous struggles, from the Black Freedom Movement to the South African anti-Apartheid movement. Please read this short book before attending (you can find it in the book alcove).


Services & Community Events

Wind Crest Lenten Worship

February 21 – March 27 • Wednesdays • 5:30–6:10 pm

Red Rocks Room in High Line Overlook at Wind Crest

Join Rev. Barb Sholis and other St. Andrew clergy and music staff every Wednesday during the 40-day season of Lent. Through music, reflection, and prayer, we will pause midweek, focusing on Jesus in this reflective season of our faith. For any further information, please email.

Lent Recital Finale

March 6 • Wednesday • 12:10–1 pm

The 25-minute recital is designed for a mid-week soul refresher. The finale celebrates 24 seasons of the Lenten Recitals with music from Katie, Carlee, Larry, Jared, Justin, and Mark Zwilling.

A light Lunch will be served after this event in the Gathering space. The recital is available in person and live stream.

Holy Week

Palm Sunday

Sunday, March 24 • 8 am, 9 am, 10:30 am

Join us for service to mark the first day of Holy Week.

Nursery, Kids, and Youth Programming

Holy Thursday

Thursday, March 28 • 7:30 pm

In reverence to the Last Supper, this service includes Communion and hand washing.

Childcare available up to age 5

Good Friday

Friday, March 29 • 7:30 pm

Worship with special music, classic Tenebrae service and readings.
Childcare available up to age 5
Saturday Vigil

Saturday, March 30 • 7:30 pm

Outside Easter Vigil.

No childcare for this service

Easter Services

Sunday, March 31

Sunrise Service
6 am

Join the Youth in their annual service led by the Youth Leadership Team with music from the Youth Choir.

No youth programming after the Sunrise Service

Sanctuary Services
8 am • 9:30 am • 11 am

Celebrate Easter including full orchestra and choir. Enjoy Relaxed Worship in Fellowship Hall with a juice bar, coffee, pastries, and donuts and the same traditions as the Sanctuary. A photo booth for family moments will be available from 7:30 am–12:30 pm.

8 am • Nursery/Childcare through age 5

9:30 am & 11 am • Nursery and Kids Programming