Join us from April through June for Spring activities, classes, and more.


As we emerge from a long, cold winter, we can feel our spirits awaken to new life as the days grow longer, dormant plants begin to bud and sprout, creation stirs and sings around us, and we make room in our calendars for springtime activities. For many, spring is a season for deep cleaning and pruning what no longer brings us joy or life. 


This spring, take some time to reflect on what may be dormant in your heart. What areas of your life long for the breath of new life? What seeds of hope and love could you plant or spread this season in the places where you live, work, and play?



It’s Spring at St. Andrew.

Featured Events 2024


June 1 ‣ Join Denver Metro Chapter Safe Families for Children in a Walk-a-Thon

June 14 ‣ Enjoy a reception for the Park Hill Art Show

June 14 ‣ Consider donating blood at the Vitalant Blood Drive

June 17–21 ‣ Join us for a summer adventure at Vacation Bible Camp